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Magical & Unique Experiences in Rajasthan

We at Abby & Scout Tours , brings you the very magical and unique experiences in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan, the vibrant destination of desert, kathputlis and palaces, has a myriad of faces that no one is much aware of. Yes, we are talking about offbeat attractions and experiences in Rajasthan. The next time you visit any of the gorgeous cities of Rajasthan, try to look beyond the imposing palaces and ancient forts, unearth the hidden stories of the villages and towns in the most unique way.

Instead of being a regular tourist out there, be the traveller wanting to experience the destination like a local. Rajasthan is one of the most versatile states in India that offers almost all kind of experiences. You can make it a food journey, a ghost hunting trip or live like royals in the heritage havelis in Rajasthan, options are endless. Here, we get you a quick guide to the most offbeat experiences and less-travelled destinations of Rajasthan. Check how many you know about!

Jojawar Train Ride

The train route between the cities of Jodhpur and Udaipur goes up the scenic Kambli Ghat Pass. One of our favorite excursions is this daily train service from the station at the start of the hill section to the highest station in the Aravallis – the Kambli Ghat station, or the other way round. The engine laboriously and slowly pulls the train through the most beautiful forests and hills that you get to see in the state, this one hour ride is really unique as you even get to interact with the locals who’ll readily share their seats with you and try their best to make conversation with you while trying to suppress the surprise and excitement of sitting next to a foreigner from faraway lands! /p>

Rajasthan's Timeless Water Wheels

Water in arid Rajasthan is priceless. Prosperous villages are those that have sufficient water. Wells come in various sizes and depth, from the deep ancient step-wells to narrow wells not much wider than the buckets people lower into them. Fetching water for cooking and washing and irrigating fields are ever consuming chores indispensable to survival. Bringing water to surface, then distributing it using variety of canals and pipes may not be feasible in all locations, and electricity is not often present to run water pumps in distant fields. But the task of needing to bring water up, to higher ground, from one level to another, from one field to another and let the water irrigate the crop must be accomplished. And for that in Rajasthan they have found a simple but effective solution. All throughout the state one can see down-to-earth water wheels powered by oxen yoked in pairs, treading in circles, turning a crossbar geared to the water wheel rigged with clay pots or tin buckets to scoop water up and distribute it to where it's needed.

Highly Recommended - Bishnoi Village Safari

If you want to get an experience of the tribal India, Bishnoi Village safari is the attraction around Jodhpur best for you. Bishnoi village of Jodhpur, Rajasthan is scenic beauty marked with Khejri trees and deer. Also in the village is the Guda Bishnoi Lake. It is a natural lake, perfect as a picnic spot. A person interested in exotic wild life & nature should definitely visit this village. The Bishnoi community inhabits the village. The villagers are staunch worshippers of nature in all its forms, specially the sanctity of plant and animal life. They even pray to the green trees and animals that inhabit their land. In this world of exploitation everywhere, they make every effort to conserve the environment. Another fact about the Bishnoi tribal is that they worship Lord Vishnu and are vegetarians.

Around the Guda Bishnoi Lake, you can see numerous migratory birds like domicile Cranes etc, blackbucks and chinkaras. This pond is drinking point for antelopes black bucks of nearby area. Bishnoi village in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India is a kind of desert oasis. It is the perfect place to experience the traditions and customs of tribal life. It is a place caught in a delightful time warp, where life still goes on like the days of the past.

Shepherds Village

Where you can visit to families of shepherds people. See how shepherds live in traditional way and only working with animals like goat, ship, Camel etc.

Gudha Village

Where you can spot wild life & visit to Bishnoi families.

Here you can watch wild animals in their natural habitats, many species of desert animals are found there some of them our Antelopes, Gazelle, Dumessille Crane, Rabbits, Blue Bulls, Migrated Birds, Peacocks etc.


Block printer’s village. Where you will see how people do print by hand on fabrics.

Salawas (Weavers village)

Salawas, a land magic carpets; a land where fantasy and reality joins forces to keep alive one of its most famous traditions: the durry (Rugs). The durry (Rugs), weather weaved out of cotton or wool, spreads colorful tradition and heritage from its primitive form of weaving in the villages of Rajasthan. Make your home a cozier place by adding to it the magical glamour of India, with the colorful folklore of the durry (Rugs).

Here we will take you to famous Pukh Raj Durry Udhyog one of the best rugs manufacturer in this area in terms of quality and rates. Here you can buy or can see how these rugs are being manufactured.

Potter’s Village

Famous for pottery, tourists can see people doing pottery, if you want you can also try pottery, we will completely demonstrate the way people here do pottery and will also help you in doing same.

You’ll be served traditional Rajasthani food with local family in village.

So what are you waiting for? Take your camera, bag and just drive by open jeep to see this art & craft and memorable journey to rural villages of Rajasthan.

Go Ghost hunting in Rajasthan

Ghosts, spirits and their secrets! Rajasthan is flooding with unsolved mysteries and unknown stories. There’s a lot buried inside the ancient havelis and palaces of Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur and other cities. The old walls and high ceilings are engraved with scary tales from the bygone era. Among these stories that are daunting yet amazing (in a different way) to hear, are the ones from the old ruins of Kuldhara, Brijraj Bhavan, Jagatpura and Bhangarh. What comes with these are some spine-chilling tales that people still believe in, and why not? They have their reasons.

The little hamlet of Kuldhara in Jaisalmer is supposed to be a cursed village, abandoned overnight by hundreds of villagers and no one knows where or why they disappeared. If you plan to visit this eerie place ever, be sure to leave before 6 PM in the evening as the site is believed to be full of negative energies.

Likewise, the ruins of Bhangarh too share a similar kind of experience but in a complete different manner. Once a happy royal residence, the fort is now in ruins after it, supposedly, was cursed by an evil wizard. Those who have visited the fort, claim to have experienced strange noises, women screams and weird smells. So, if you are the one ignited by ghost stories, do visit these haunted places in Rajasthan and test your offbeat adventure side!

Enjoy hot air balloon rides in Rajasthan

Though not yet very popular, a hot air balloon ride is considered to be the best way to explore the beauty of desert cities and rustic old towns in Rajasthan. It shows the beauty of Rajasthan in complete unique way; imagine yourself gliding smoothly over the Pink City and admiring the aerial views of the grand Amber Fort in Jaipur. These rides last for about an hour and trust me, you’ll be having the most invigorating experience! This is the best time to get in your adventure mode and go 4000 ft high in sky and treat your eyes with some royalty! Not to miss are the hot air balloon rides in Pushkar as well.

When in Rajasthan, relish laal maas

Laal maas is just not any delicacy, it is the treat of the royals! This traditional meat dish of Rajasthan is prepared using a lot of dry, roasted red chillies and a number of other local spices for added flavours. If you are someone who enjoys experimenting with food, this dish will definitely spice your journey a little more. Be it Jaisalmer, Jodhpur or Jaipur, all the cities have some brilliant restaurants where you can savour this delight in true Rajasthani ambience. To think of it, all the experiments on your wish list might get fulfilled here in Rajasthan.

Visit the shrine of Bullet Baba

Now this is something actually offbeat! Our country has a history of following anything having even a little religious connect and making it a big deal. The shrine of Bullet Baba, located on National Highway 65 in village Chotila of Pali district, close to Jodhpur, is the place where Royal Enfield motorbike is worshipped! The story behind this religious practice is also quite strange and goes back to year 1991. A young man called Om Singh Rathore was riding his bullet bike in the region and had a horrific accident, dying on the spot. Later, the bike was taken away by the local police for the further investigation. Next day, people at the police station noticed that the bike was missing, only to be found at the accident spot. They got the bike back and chained it with iron shackles, but is disappeared again to be found at the same spot. Later, people of the village built a memorial at the spot and honoured him. His bike is considered extremely revered, and nobody riding on the road proceeds without paying a tribute to Bullet Baba.

A lesser-known Kuchaman Fort

Not many are aware of this splendid fort, which once served as the resident to the renowned poet-saint Meera Bai; her stories of love and devotion for Hindu deity Krishna are extremely popular in the country. Situated in the city of Kuchaman in Nagaur district, at an elevation of 1100 ft on a cliff, this fort is legendary.

Parts of acclaimed movie, Jodha Akhbar, starring Hritik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai, were filmed inside the fort. It is still survived by Rajkumari Priti Singh Kuchaman, who is supposed to the last descendant of Meera Bai. If you visit the fort, you’ll find a rich collection of gold, glass and semi-precious stones here. There are several miniature paintings as well, depicting the stories of Meera Bai. So, if you thought Rajasthan is only about Amber Fort and Mehrangarh Fort, look further!

Meet, Paint And Feed Elephants Meet

Spending time with elephants is a special experience.

An experience where guests can interact up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. you’d be invited to help feed and bathe your elephant, whilst an expert is on hand to answer anything and everything you’d like to know about them. You’d then be shown how to decorate your elephant’s trunk with vivid colours (these are natural and not harmful to the elephants in any way) in traditional patterns, before heading off through the surrounding forest area for a ride with a mahout during sunset. To end the evening, a buffet dinner is served in the courtyard before you’re chauffeured back to the hotel (private dinners in a secluded area of the grounds can be arranged on request).

A Private Cooking class

Learn to prepare a traditional Rajasthani dish in a local kitchen. After a hands-on demonstration, you can then enjoy the meal you’ve prepared with her delightful family. It is possible to choose the dish that you wish to learn in advance.

Immerse Yourself In A Musical Performance In Jodhpur

Bhopa is a traditional and dying art form of Rajasthan

Bhopa is a rare Rajasthani art form which combines dancing, singing and painting. A long painted scroll, is, rather like a comic stripped, crammed with paintings depicting dramatic events in the life of a Rajasthani hero. The Bhopa unrolls his scroll and narrates the story through songs, highlighting relevant pictures on the scroll with a lantern, while his wife brings the tale to life with animated dance sequences. Throughout the performance, your guide would translate the story and explain key parts. Afterwards, you’d move on to ‘Indique’ – a rooftop restaurant – for a traditional Rajasthani thali dinner with fabulous views of Mehrangarh Fort behind. Our past guests have found this a very culturally rich experience, and a highlight of their stay.

The thali dinner is a lovely way to experience many different tastes of Rajasthan, as you’re presented with a small amount of several different authentic dishes.

Puppet Making In The Blue City

Puppetry is a traditional Rajasthani craft

In puppet-making workshop in Jodhpur, you can learn not only the basic skills of puppet playing, but also the art of puppet making. You’ll be presented with a semi-finished puppet, and can then follow the puppet maker’s advice to complete it. The puppet will be yours to take home as a memory of the experience.

Stepwell Dinner At Rawla Narlai

Rawla Narlai’s Stepwell Dinner is a fairy-tale like experience

A stylish 17th-century hunting retreat of the Maharaja of Jodhpur, Rawla Narlai is located in the heart of the semi-arid, granite-boulder strewn Aravalli Hills halfway between Udaipur and Jodhpur in the village of Narlai. The Stepwell Dinner is magical: four courses of local specialties served beside a 1100 year old stepwell, spectacularly lit by thousands of oil lamps and accompanied by soulful folk songs performed by a local musician on a tambura.

Experience Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer

If you are still thinking, dune bashing is a popular adventure sports of the Gulfs and the Arabs, you should think again! Thar Desert areas near Jaisalmer are also considered as ideal locations for dune bashing and off-roading as well. The Sam Sand Dunes are thronged by thousands of adventure junkies who have a yearning for these two sports and make it part of their Jaisalmer trip.

The name Jaisalmer itself brings out the vibrancy and charm. It floods the heart with the true feeling of culture at one end and the feeling of royal exuberance on the other. The daylight hues, the yellow sands, the pink and red forts, the royal palaces, and the Arabian night dances are set to capture your hearts.

Quad Biking In Jaisalmer

If you are looking for some amazing quad biking experience, then this tour is a perfect fit for you. Indulge in the quad biking experience and explore the trails of the jungle in Rajasthan.Get an option to drive a 200 CC or 570 CC 4x4 as per your convenience and for kids 50 CC bikes are also available. Cover the distance of about 2 KM with your quad bike inside the jungle and the surrounding area.

Find One Of A Kind Souvenirs

Jaipur is retail heaven.

When it comes to shopping, Rajasthan has something for everyone. From elegant silk saris to kitschy wooden camels, even the most frugal visitor is likely to leave the state with some goodies tucked in their luggage. Rajasthan is well known for its craftspeople, and each region has its own distinct specialities. Jaipur is at the hub of the state’s tourism industry and has handicrafts from across the state, but is most famous for its jewellery; if you want something with a local flair here, pick up a piece of blue pottery or a pair of emerald earrings. Jodhpur is a good place to shop for appliquéd cloth, glass bangles, mirrored, sequined bedspreads and wood furniture. Udaipur is known for miniature paintings and marble work. In Jaisalmer its camel leather – patchwork bed covers, shoes, purses, even book covers are made from the animals’ hide. Yellow sandstone statues are also popular here.

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